Sunday, 9 August 2015

Medical school places unfilled: nobody in China wants to be a doctor, and there are three good reasons why they don’t
Poor pay for doctors in China: paediatricians are at the bottom, with only 63,000 yuan a year
All very true and very sound reasons. However, many hospital staffs (doctors, nurses…) also earn quite a lot from the “gifts” given by patients, and I’m not talking about the bottle of cooking oil or the pack of tea. It is especially true in “in-patients wards” where everyone is “on the take”… But of course, this is not something schools could not advertise…. And in any case, you can get “red envelops” in other jobs with less work, less danger/violence and shorter studies…Yes the “grey income” is significant for some branches of medicine. I think this is why paediatrics and emergency medicine practitioners suffer, because there is less opportunity for commissions, bonuses and ‘hongbao’.
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