Friday, 3 April 2015

Five Easter medical headlines

1. Pornography sent to hospital leaders in extortion attempt
A Fujian man planned to send pornographic pictures to the directors of most major hospitals in China in a  bid to blackmail them. He was caught by polce and confessed to being put up to the mailing by a mystery "Older Brother".

2. Beijing launched anti-corruption drive in top hospitals
The health department in Beijing is launching an inspection tour of the capital's top 12 tertiary hospitals to root out corruption and check whether hospitals are adhering to the Nine Forbidden's directive against accepting commissions and bribes.

3. Lack of nursing homes leads to bed block
The lack of residential aged care facilities in China means that many hospital beds are occupied by ailing elderly people who do not need treatment but who cannot manage in the home environment.

4. Rural children plagued by worms
More than two out of five children living in rural China are infected by soil-borne worms such as hookworm. However, parents rarely seek help due to ignorance or a belief that treatment is not possible.

5. Government aims to double the number of doctors
The State Councils five year plan for healthcare includes a plan to boost doctor numbers by 100%, with the aim of having two doctors per thousand people by 2020. The 'roadmap' also sets a target of moving away from public hospital provision of healthcare, with 90% of beds currently provided by the public system.

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