Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Schistosomiasis eradication at snail's pace | Medical guinea pigs paid 10,000 yuan | DXY gets $70 million investment boost

Eradication of schistosomiasis in China is being hindered by factors such as lack of political and financial support, praziquantel resistance and climate change, say clinicians from the Jiangsu Institute of Parasitical Diseases in Wuxi. A sense of complacency has set in since the  prevalence of schistosomiasis was reduced to about 1% in animals and humans, they say. Renewed efforts are needed to ensure the final elimination of the parasite by 2020 and avoid its re-emergence, they say.

Young Chinese are signing up to be human guinea pigs in pharmaceutical drug tests and trials, being paid up to 10,000 yuan to be injected with experimental drugs. Medical students are the most popular choice for the first human trials of the 10,000 different trials run by China's 6,000 pharmaceutical firm.

China's leading medical social network site DXY has received $70 million in investment funding from Tencent, which will start to use the doctor networks as part of its services to consumers in the form of online consultations and appointment booking services. DXY will also develop new products in the healthcare area for consumers as well as doctors.

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