Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shenzhen to pioneer clinical-focused medical training in place of faux-research and academic exams

by Michael Woodhead
Shenzhen is to lead the Chinese medical career pathway away from its traditional emphasis on exams and academic research into a system with more focus on clinical medicine. 
Experts say that medical training and career pathways in China have become dominated by academic achievement at the expense of dealing with patients. This has led to a system in which 'academic essay heroes' get ahead, while those with better clinical skills are overlooked and languish at the bottom end of the career ladder and in smaller hospitals. According to doctors in Shenzhen, the system based on research and academic study is suitable for a few doctors but should not be the backbone of the stem. It puts a huge and unnecessary burden on doctors and also leads to the system in which patients say it is impossible to get to see a good doctor. The academic focus means that doctors build up their titles and certificates, but their clinical skills remain weak from lack of attention.
Under the new system, doctors will be graded according to nine levels of clinical skill and on clinical outcomes and performance. This means that doctors with good clinical skills will be able to achieve career advancement and also increase their remuneration, an article in the Guangzhou Daily says.

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