Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday's medical links from China

Illegal kidneys smuggled as seafood
Kidneys harvested from human were disguised as seafood when sent from Nanchang to Guangzhou, by organ traffickers including a military surgeon.
The kidneys were flown in a refrigerated container to Dr Zhu Yunsong at Guangzhou Military Area General Hospital. The trafficker gang removed 23 kidneys for cash before being apprehended and sentenced to up to nine years in prison.
The gang paid the private Nanchang Huazhong Hospital 35,000 yuan for the hire of a room for each operation, and the doctors were paid 10,000 yuan for each operation.
Gang leader Chen Feng, chairman of the Guangzhou Mengjiadi Trading Co, told police he knew many transplant doctors in Guangzhou because the company sold medicines.
He had begun a search for kidney donors after Dr Zhu Yunsong  told him there was a shortage.
they started sourcing kidneys from brain-dead patients in a Jiangxi hospital, but soon began to recruit live donors.

Medical apps boom
Chinese investors are putting their cash into medical apps, according to Caixin. Venture capital and private equity firms have funnelled US$ 100 million for 33 health care-related app developers who have worked on mobile  functions such as making doctor appointments, ordering medicine and tracking a child's temperature.
A typical example is Xiamen Meet You Information Technology Co. Ltd, which is offering a women's health management app Meet You, that helps women keep tabs on their menstrual cycles, provides information about contraception, pregnancy, beauty aids and parenting, and allows women to link-up through an online community.
According to Caixin, app developers want to profit by mining big data, for which there is strong demand. Another app is an appointment-booking service, guahao, which is the Chinese phrase for 'register'. However, many hospitals do not want to offer appointments via apps, and many of those who need most help with appointments  are elderly people with little knowledge of technology.

Ebola False Alarm
Hong Kong's panic over a Nigerian man with suspected Ebola virus disease has turned out to be a false alarm. The man who had recently arrived from Lagos and was staying in Chungking Mansions, had diarrhoea and fever, but tested negative for Ebola virus.

Impatient patient bashes radiologist
A doctor in Hubei was assaulted by a 56-year old man who was angry at being kept waiting for an hour to have  CT scan. The radiologist was assaulted by the man in the waiting room after he told the man to be patient as there were others in line ahead of him. The 56-year old man beat the doctor over the head with a stick and kicked him to the ground.

Pauper paediatricians miss out on kickbacks
Children's hospitals are having trouble recruiting doctors willing to work as paediatricians because the pay is low. A new report says that one childrens' hospital in Wuxi has filled only half the 35 vacancies for doctors. Managers say doctors do not want to work in paediatrics because the volume of prescribing and test ordering is low, and therefore the income from commissions is low.

Sex-selection clinics use Hong Kong labs
Illegal Chinese sex-selection clinics are sending blood samples to Hong Kong for prenatal gender tests, it has been revealed.
The trade came to light when a woman was arrested in Shenzhen after Customs officials found 96 blood samples from expectant mothers inside her bag. The woman was taking them to Hong Kong to test for the sex of the fetus, as such tests are illegal in mainland China.
According to the SCMP, blood samples from more than 10,000 expectant mothers are brought to Hong Kong for testing each month.
Commercial medical agencies in Shenzhen advertise that a couple can find out the sex of a seven-week foetus for only 4,000 yuan by just sampling a few drops of blood from the mother.
The test analyses foetal DNA in a pregnant woman’s blood to identify a child’s sex weeks earlier than other alternatives such as ultrasound. According to Chinese law the Family Planning Association will perform abortions only in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

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