Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sex workers misled on vaginal douching | Online gambling leads to rise in suicides | Scrub typhus in Guangzhou

Many prostitutes in China's cities use vaginal douching in the mistaken belief this will prevent STIs, researchers from the National Center for STD Control in Nanjing. In a study of sex workers in three cities they found that as many as one in three used vaginal douching with disinfectant to prevent sexually-transmitted infections, without realising this may actually make infections more likely.

The threat of mutated influenza viruses will persist in the animal markets of Guangdong unless more far-reaching systematic measures are taken, infectious disease specialists say. In a new paper they say the Cantonese practice of having many different animals in close proximity in markets promotes virus mixing and reassortment much more than in poultry markets elsewhere in China.

China's recent legalisation of online gambling in the form of football  'lotteries' has resulted in a spike in suicides among people who have lost money.

There has been a resurgence in epidemics of the fatal disease scrub typhus in Guangzhou with rates increasing three-fold between 2006 and 201, according to researchers from the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

An outbreak of anthrax in Jiangsu that affected four people in 2012 has been traced to consumption of meat from a diseased cow.

Shanghai is suffering from a major shortage of emergency medicine clinicians willing to as part of ambulance crews. The shortage means that ambulances are often cannot be despatched when local residents call 120. The shortage is due to arduous and stressful 12-hour shift and poor pay, authorities say.

Doctors' pay needs to be increased so that their income reflects their technical skills and experience, health analysts says. There will continue to be an imbalance and black market for doctors while their income is kept artificially low, they argue.

Cloud-based hospital information systems could be the key to revitalisting rural health services, with county hospitals and village clinics accessing and managing medical information and data via the cloud, according to experts from the Electronic Medical Record and Intelligent Expert System Engineering Research Center, Zhejiang University.

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