Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hepatitis B vax for adults | Hypervirulent pneumonia | Home smoking bans | Doctor assaulted in Wenzhou

Hepatitis B vaccination should be extended to adults aged 20-40, Jiangsu researchers say, after their study showed it could have a major impact of prevelance of the disease in the population.

An emerging hypervirulent strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae is causing infections in the community and about one in twenty are fatal, according to a report from Beijing Chaoyang hospital.

Paediatricians have been urged to have discussion with parents about not smoking in the house after a survey in Guangxi found most households with children also have at least one adult smoker. Parents said they would heed advice from paediatricians and many were not aware of the dangers of second hand smoke.

A doctor at a Wenzhou hospital was beaten badly by the family of a patient who he had spent half an hour giving stitches for an injury, the local media reports.

High lead levels in the bloodstream of children in China are leading to behavioural problems as well as the well-know effects on intellectual development, researchers have found.

A Shanghai hospital is adopting a doctor's health program, with initiatives to provide healthy food, ban smoking and encourage physical activity in the workplace, and also to provide psychological services to help cope with stress.

Teenage prostitutes in Kunming do not use adequate contraception and about half have had abortions, a new study shows.

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