Thursday, 31 July 2014

Doctors pour scorn on China's medical TV shows: point out five most egregious mistakes

by Michael Woodhead
One of China's most popular TV shows is the medical drama "Young Doctors". Modelled on similar hugely popular shows from Korean TV, the show is all about the lives and loves of a handful of beautiful, smart and successful young doctors. 
China's real young doctors are not impressed - but they are laughing. On the medical social media site DXY. net they have been pointing out the many ridiculous factual errors and goofs in the show. The top five are:

1. Hand hygiene howler: Ming Ming has donned sterile gloves but then adjusts her glasses - an obvious no-no from an infection control point of view

2. Scans all wrong: - holding X-ray pictures the wrong way round - pointing to a chest X-ray and and diagnosing a broken leg, looking for pneumonia in a CT scan of the head ...

3. White coat wearing - on the TV show, doctors never button up their white coats, but wear them open and flapping like fashionable casual wear.

4. Novel medical theories: mahjong can prevent Alzheimers, people wake up from prolonged vegetative state.

5. Miracle patients: man with tracheal obstruction on breathing machine can speak quite clearly with beautiful dialogue.

However, China's medics are more impressed with the other medical drama The Obstetrician. Written by a playwright, it is nevertheless quite authentic as it relies on real cases histories and the scriptwriters consulted medical professionals over the technical details.


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