Sunday, 15 June 2014

Men make better doctors | Respiratory physicians criticise tobacco policy | Bogus intern | Children dumped in hospitals

Men make better gynaecologists than women because they are better surgeons and are 'more sensible and calm', according to Beijing hospital authorities. Hospitals have defended their continuing use of male gynaecologists against complaints from women, saying there is a shortage in the speciality due to the government's two child policy.

Respiratory physicians have published strong criticism of the Chinese government's conflict of interest in opposing tobacco companies. Writing in The Lancet, Dr Dan Xiao and colleagues at the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital says smoking cessation campaigns are meaningless when the government plans for tobacco production increases through its State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

A bogus female doctor managed to work as a medical intern at a Chongqing hospital for 6 months before being unmasked. The woman used fake medical qualifications and a fake ID to get the job at the Jiangbei district hospital.

Children with serious diseases are being dumped in hospitals by their parents, according to the Shanghai Daily. Eight children were abandoned at the Shanghai Children's Hospitals and two are still there as police are unable to trace their parents.

A group of female medical students in Guangzhou have developed a wearable G-string condom that has a detachable sheath. They now have attracted investors to put in 2 million yuan to market the first 10,000 condoms.

Foreign doctors working illegally in China should be reported and deported, says a leading Chinese plastic surgeon. He says China's boom in cosmetic surgery had attracted many Korean surgeons to take advantage of 'academic exchange" visas and abuse them to work for prolonged periods in China.

Despite government investment of three trillion yuan over the last five years, China's health reforms have failed to have any effect on the incomes of medical staff, Caixin reports. The next phase of reforms must de-couple doctors' income from drug sales and reward them with higher salaries commensurate with their skills, analysts say.

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