Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Husband wins 300,000 yuan compensation from Beijing hospital over wife's death from pneumonia

A Beijing man has won Y300,000  in compensation from the Harmony Hospital in Beijing after a four year legal battle over the death of his wife from complications of pneumonia. The man claimed that his wife had died following  a lung biopsy to investigate the cause of her breathing difficulties. He claimed 900,000 yuan in compensation for living expenses and funeral costs, and was initially 25,000 yuan settlement by the hospital, which denied responsibility for the death. However, the man appealed to a higher court and was awarded 300,000 yuan when the court found that hospital in providing follow up care to the 57-year old woman. The court heard that the woman had a chronic lung disease resembling asthma. and was admitted to the hospital for tests in May 2011. However, the tests were carried out by a junior doctor who ordered a biopsy which the husband claimed was not necessary to diagnose pneumonia. The court also accepted his claim that the follow-up care after the biopsy was lacking as the woman received little supervision and developed pneumothorax and died. The court found that the hospital did not make basic precautions such as doing a risk assessment on the patient for the procedure, or managing thoracic drainage competently. It also heard that the hospital had altered medical records to try cover up its malpractice, but the court did not accept the evidence for this.

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