Monday, 12 May 2014

Doctor taken hostage after patient dies of lung cancer

by Michael Woodhead
An oncologist was taken hostage by a knife-wielding man at a Dongguan hospital after the man's father died from lung cancer, Guangdong media have reported.
The doctor, surnamed Chang, was able to escape from his captor during negotiations with police, but two police were injured while trying to apprehend the hijacker. Doctors say the man was the son of a patient who died after an operation for lung cancer on 9th May. Doctors said the patient had been unco-operative throughout his treatment and had refused to follow doctor's advice, even refusing to stay in bed when he was sick. When the man got out of bed and started moving round, he had breathing difficulties and his condition deteriorated and he collapsed. After the man died, his son left and returned with a knife, which he used to threaten staff, and he took Dr Chang hostage and locked the door. He called for Dr Wen to come over, believing him to be the one responsible for his father's death and said he would kill him and then himself. Dr Chang told the man that he was the one who operated on his father and only he was responsible. When he tried calling for Dr Wen three times without success, the man got more agitated.
A police hostage squad with shields came to the hospital and started negotiations with the attacker, who had Dr Chen held with a knife at his neck. When the hostage negotiator asked the man to approach to talk, Dr Chen was able to suddenly break away and escape from the room. The attacker chased after the doctor but was stopped by police who used their shields to press him to the wall. When the attacker was trapped he lashed out at police with the knife, stabbing two of them around the ear and the hand, injuring them.
The 28-year old man was then arrested by police. Dr Chang said it was the first time in his career that he had ever come across such an extreme situation.

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