Thursday, 8 May 2014

China's latest medical soap - a bit too sudsy?

"The Male Obstetrician" (产科男医生) is China' new medical soap opera, and its first episode has met with mixed reviews. It stars the real life recently-wed celeb couple Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang as the two doctors in the obstetrics department of a major hospital. Viewers have praised the medical details of the show, saying it may educate and enlighten people about the realities of what really goes on in an obstetrics department. However, they have also ridiculed the storylines, such as a scene in which a pregnant woman in a coma hears the sound of mahjong and is brought back to consciousness and is then able to deliver her baby. Critics say the new show is not as heavy as previous medical shows that focus on the dramas of heroic doctors and the tensions they face in diagnosing cases and struggles between patients and doctors. The new show is said to be lighter and more humorous, with much petty squabbling between the male and female leads.

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