Monday, 21 April 2014

Medical news headlines from China

Wenzhou clinic operators have been arrested for offering sex selection blood tests to pregnant women. Couples were charged thousands of yuan for having blood samples that were sent to Hong Kong for fetal DNA testing.

Scabies mites are commonly found on dogs especially the Pekingese breeds, of which more than 20% were found to have the parasite that can infect humans and cause intense itching, a Guangzhou study has found.

Beijing hospitals have been inundated with applications from more than 5000 volunteers to act as 'guardian angels' to protect medical staff against angry patients in medical disputes.

Angry relatives have assaulted and beaten a 24-year old junior doctor into a coma at a Jiangsu obstetrics department.

A massive drug counterfeiting operation that made 100 million yuan by offering cut-price cancer chemotherapy drugs supposedly imported from the US has been broken up by police in Shanghai.

The Beijing University Renmin Hospital has started a male erectile dysfunction clinic but doctors says many men are too stigmatised by the condition to seek help.

A court in Guangzhou has jailed 12 hospital staff after they protested about their wages and working conditions.

Public hospitals should use private investment to improve efficiency and "let the market play a decisive role", the National Health and Family Planning Commission says.

Shanghai hospitals are to use middlemen to act as mediators in disputes between patients and doctors.

A Wuhan couple who were unable to have children after being married for seven years didn't know how to have sex, a doctor found. He prescribed them a pornographic movie.

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