Tuesday, 18 March 2014

SFDA begins "five rectifications" campaign against dodgy medical devices

The China State Food and Drug Administration has embarked on a "five rectifications" campaign against sub-standard and fake medical devices such as catheters, condoms and contact lenses.
After a half year investigation into the medical devices sector, the SFDA has launched a campaign to crack down on illegal manufacture of medical devices, illegal sales, false claims and misuse of five kinds of medical products.
The "special action" will focus on areas such as disposable infusion equipment that is re-used such as single use catheters. It will also focus on the manufacture and sale of fake and sub-standard condoms, which is a major pirate industry in China. Other areas where illegal activity is rife include the sale of unlicensed cosmetic contact lenses, hearing aids, and diagnostic aids for diabetes and hypertension. Devices that claim to cure back pain and myopia will also be included.
Th SFDA says its crackdown will apply the severest penalties for anyone involved in manufacturing, selling and promotion of fake and substandard medical devices and also for those making false claims including the use of medical 'experts' and those who use the names of famous institutes to endorse such products.

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