Saturday, 1 March 2014

Medical sales bribery: offenders to be named and shamed

by Michael Woodhead
Companies and individuals found to be involved in bribery related to the sales or purchasing of medical and pharmaceutical supplies will be banned for two years and their details added to a public blacklist, the National Health and Family Planning Commission has announced.
From this year, all provincial health departments will be required to investigate and take strong action against bribery in the purchasing and sales of medical products the NHFPC says. Offenders must be listed publicly on a 'blacklist' that is made available for the public on the website of the provincial health department. Details must be added within 5 days of  being found guilty, and the offenders will be banned from buying or selling medical goods to public hospitals and clinics for a period of two years, the NHFPC statement says. The national office of the NHFPC must also be notified of any bribery cases within one month, and it will compile a summary at the end of the year.

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