Saturday, 15 March 2014

Chine medical news headlines for Saturday 14 March

Beijing has set up a medicines information service to give patients advice about how to take their medications and what the side effects and interactions may be. The service set up by the Anzhen Hospital claims to be the first in the country, and is needed because only 15% of patients unrest and the information leaflets that come with medications, it's founders say.

Renal cancer is fast becoming one of China's 'silent killers', affecting many otherwise healthy people, oncologists have warned. Rates of the disease are growing by about 6% a year, they say.

A dedicated Guangzhou doctor who has developed leukaemia has received many contributions to his treatment costs from grateful former patients and colleagues. Dr He of the Nanfang Hosputal is known as the 'all weather doctor' for his long shifts.

The northeast city of Changchun will start to implement strict new anti-smoking rules for public areas. Authorities have warned all government departments that they must strictly enforce the rules and fines.

China's shortage of paediatricians can be attributed to three factors, say experts in the Lancet this week.  One reason is the lack of recognition of paediatrics as a specialty branch of medicine, and the other is the strong pressure that paediatricians face from families in consulting rooms. The third reason is that paediatricians prescribe fewer drugs and tests than other branches of medicine, and thus income is much lower than other specialties, the doctors say.

The State Food and Drug Administration has blacklisted 10 companies selling fake medical devices via websites. The companies posed as well known manufacturers to seel devices for high blood pressure, infertility and epilepsy.

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