Friday, 7 February 2014

Xian doctor uses WeChat to connect with patients

The Economic Reference (Jingji Cankao) magazine has a story about a Xian female doctor who has started using WeChat to keep in touch with her regular patients. 'Dr Hao' is described as a well known and respected family doctor from a medical family. She is a third generation doctor and has followed in the footsteps of her grandfather and both her parents in running a private clinic in the suburbs of Xian. Dr Hao specialised in child health but also 'inherited' a lot of older patients with chronic diseases from her parents. She was very popular patients because of her kind and patient manner and because she had a high standard of medical ethics.
However, to years ago the much loved Dr Hao Clinic had to close down when the block in which it was located was earmarked for demolition. Not only did Dr Hao lose her clinic, many of her local patients were also re-housed and dispersed to other areas. These patinets were especially upset at losing their 'personal doctor', and Dr Hao also felt worried about losing touch with them. Shen then hit on the idea of using WeChat (Weixin) to keep in touch. When she opened a new clinic she also opened an online channel to her patients via WeChat, the social networking site that she had until then used frequently to keep up with friends and family. Dr Hao spread the word that she could be contacted by WeChat - and she also started getting details from the patients who tracked her down to the new clinic. At each consultation Dr Hao would finish up by explaining WeChat to her older patients and if necessary even helping them register for it on their mobiles.
Now Dr Hao is back in touch with many of her patinets, especially those who live futher aay and find it hard to come and see her regularly. Dr Hao uses WeChat to find out about their medical condition and ho they are managing. She uses it to give advice to pateints and also to help them with their medication. She has now even registered a unique "Dr Hao Clinic" name on WeChat.

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