Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What health stories are Chinese people seeing in their media today?

Here are a few samples of the medical and health stories appearing in the Chinese press today (links are to Chinese language sources):

Beijing has introduced screening for H7N9 in high risk groups such as those working in poultry markets.

Cities have been told to strengthen reform of hospital system, and second-line regional hospitals to introduce reform pilot projects.

Overeating and drinking during the Chinese New year has resulted in a 4-fold rise in hospital treatment for gastric problems.

False rumour spread about Beijing women whose stomach 'exploded' after overeating.

Liaoning woman, 18, arrested and forced to make public confession adn apology for spreading false rumours on Weibo about the death of a person from H7N9 influenza.

Rural children have rates of underweight and growth retardation four times greater than those of urban Chinese children, according to NHFPC.

Violence against doctors in disputes with pateints has become so common it is 'normal' says Harbin emergency physician.

Will the expanded cover for major illness bankrupt the rural health insurance scheme?

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