Saturday, 15 February 2014

Shenzhen "black doctors" performed unnecessary abortion

A 17-year old Shenzhen women says her healthy baby was aborted by an illegal clinic staffed by unqualified staff (bogus or "black" doctors) who were only interested in making money for doing an operation. The woman went to a private clinic in Shenzen when she had minor bleeding during her pregnancy. The staff there did an ultrasound and told her the fetus was dead and that she should have an abortion. She did so, but was also told she needed additional surgery to have tissue removed. In total she paid more than 4000 yuan. However, her family became suspicious when they noted the 'doctors' at the clinic had the same names as other local doctors. When they investigated further, they found that the doctor who diagnosed' the stillborn fetus did not exist. An investigation by the local health department confirmed this - and found that some of the fake doctors involved in the incident had assumed the names of real doctors who had previously worked in Shenzhen. One doctor who did surgery proved to be genuine, but said she had acted in good faith, accepting the referral and the information from the fake was real. The fake doctors have since disappeared and the clinic they worked at was fined 3000 yuan and given 18 demerit points. The family of the girl complained that this was too lenient.

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