Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mianyang hospital doctors strike in protest against 'Corridor doctor' whistleblower

The long running saga of the Sichuan 'whistleblower doctor' took another twist this week as her colleagues staged a stop work meeting and mounted a noisy demonstration in Mianyang. They complained that the doctor's widely-aired allegations of overservicing and bad medical practice at the hospital were untrue and had besmirched their reputation. Police were called to the demonstration by medical staff as they became angry and shouted for her to be expelled from the hospital. They said the doctor's allegations had ruined the reputation of the hospital and resulted in it being downgraded, despite an official investigation finding no wrongdoing. Her allegations had also resulted in doctors at the hospital being abused and ridiculed, they said. Her claims of poor medical practice had stuck to individual members of staff who now found it hard to work because patients no longer trusted them, they added.  Dr Lan Yuefeng claimed to have been stood down from her position in the ultrasound department after she refused to agree to overtreatment of patients. She became a media star when she carried on working in a corridor for almost two years after being turned out of her office.

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