Saturday, 15 February 2014

HIV strain is more aggressive in China - professor

HIV may be more aggressive in China because many infections are caused by a more virulent strain of the virus seldom seen in other countries, Beijing researchers say. Professor Li Taisheng, an infectious diseases specialist at the Harmony Hospital in Beijing say the average time to progression from HIV to immune failure and AIDS is eight years in western countries, but as little as four years in China. The reason for this appears to be a special strain of HIV with a factor known as CRF01, he told the Jinghua Daily. He said a newly published study involving more than 200 HIV patients from across China showed that the more virulent virus was found in almost half of people with HIV.
"CRF01_AE, a predominant HIV-1 subtype in Chinese HIV-1 sexually infected patients, tends to be associated with fast progression to AIDS and advanced immunodeficiency, which might be ascribed to high proportion of X4 tropism. Further investigation of these risk factors may have significant implications to clinical practice and policy-making," his study published in the journal AIDS concluded.

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