Saturday, 15 February 2014

Family beat doctor and force him to kneel before dead patient's coffin

A medical dispute in Shaoxing took a bizarre turn when the relatives of a man who died of infection in hospital brought his coffin to the hospital and forced a doctor to kneel before it and kow-tow. The gang of family members then beat the doctor severely and also fought with police. Xinhua reports that the family brought the man into hospital suffering from a gallbladder complaint. He initially recovered slightly but then developed a severe infection and died. Family members blamed the hospital for his death and returned to hold a 'funeral' in the hospital reception area. The laid wreaths there and brought the coffin of their father. The family members caused a commotion, shouting and swearing, and they grabbed a doctor who they made to kneel down before the coffin for almost an hour. Then they beat the doctor so severely he required hospital treatment. The assailants also fought with police before they ran off. The incident has generated a lot of comment on social media sites, with some people saying they sympathise with the family but their violent actions were too much. Medical staff at the hospital are outraged and say the attackers must be caught and tried for their 'disgusting and brutal behaviour. Local law enforcement official shave told the family members to give themselves up.

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