Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Doctor bludgeoned to death by "revenge killer" former patient angry over nose job

by Michael Woodhead
The head of the ENT department at Qiqihar Beigang Hospital in Heilongjiang has been bludgeoned to death by an 18-year old youth who was dissatisfied with the treatment he received from the doctor.
According to Chinese media reports the young man surnamed Qi entered the hospital brandishing a 50cm steel pipe, which he used to bash in the face of Dr Sun Dongtao. A doctor who witnessed the attack said the young man bashed Dr Sun so violently in the face and throat that he was not recognisable. Despite receiving immediate treatment the 45-year old doctor died. The suspect was apprehended by police, who found he was a local high school student who had recently undergone treatment on his nose by Dr Sun but was dissatisfied. Police said he developed a deep feeling of resentment against Dr Sun and sought revenge.

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