Monday, 3 February 2014

Doctors warn that abortion is being used as a regular contraception method by many Chinese women

translated by Michael Woodhead
Private clinics are encouraging women to use abortion as a regular method of contraception, doctors in Guangxi have warned.
Some women are having as many as six abortions and putting themselves at risk of infertility and other complications because abortion is promoted by commercial clinics and hospitals as quick and risk-free method of managing unwanted pregnancy, according to an article in Straits Economic Online.
Dr Li Jingjing, deputy head of the obstetrics and gynaecology department at the Liuzhou Workers Hospital said she had seen women who had as many as 12 abortions because of ignorance about family planning methods and misinformation about abortion circulated by some clinics.
She said some women resorted to abortion because they had unwarranted fears about using oral contraceptives, believing they had harmful side effects. Other women without children said it was too early to consider tubal ligation and their husbands were unwilling to use condoms. Dr Li cited the recent example of a 28-year-old women who had already had six abortions and despite feeling it was 'not quite normal' had little idea of the harms it caused.
Dr Li said there were many such "ignorant and fearless" women and the number of repeat abortions was high, although there were no official statistics available. With 17 years experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Li said she found younger women were more and more indifferent to the use of abortion and some of them fell into the habit of using it a a regular method of contraception.
One of the reasons was the widespread advertising of "quick and painless abortion" services by private clinics and some hospitals. The adverts for these clinics, which promised "One sleep and it's all fixed - zero harm" were a kind of malpractice, said Dr Li.
A reporter visited several hospitals in Liuzhou and found that abortion was offered for 500-2000 yuan and promised to be painless and convenient. Some even offered '10 minute' procedures for abortion in early pregnancy. Hospital websites also featured prominent advertisements inviting women to have abortions, the reporter found. Hospital figures showed that 85% were first time abortion, 10% were second time and 4% were third abortions. This information confirmed that the abortion situation was 'chaotic', the reporter concluded.

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