Thursday, 27 February 2014

Doctor defamed online by spurned patient

A well respected ophthalmologist at a Chengdu hospital was slandered online by a patient who claimed that he was unethical and had discriminated against her daughter. In an 'exposure' on an online forum, the female patient said her daughter had been refused treatment by a Professor Liu, who discriminated against her because she was a single mother and yet he consented to treat other patients who were less deserving than her. On a popular social media site the woman said the professor had no ethics and she warned that he discriminated against common local people. The post stirred up a lot of angry debate about the ethics of the doctor.
However, when reporter from Sichuan Online followed up at the hospital he heard a very different story. The staff said the woman was impolite and demanded treatment despite not having registered at the hospital. Also she had no medical records and her case was not urgent. A patient from Yunnan was seen instead as their case was urgent and because they faced extra expenses if the case was delayed until the following morning.
Professor Liu said he personally intervened after the woman  argued with nurses. He said it was reasonable in a busy clinic to ask the woman to return when she had her medical records. The other case was more deserving. A security camera recorded the woman acting aggressively and knocking over billboards and items on a table in rage.
However, this story was not told online, and the social media site was led to believe that Professor Liu was an arrogant and uncaring doctor with no ethics. His name has been blackened. Nurses and staff at the hospital said he was a caring and hard-working doctor who often stayed until 9pm at night to ensure that all patients in the waiting room were treated.

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