Saturday, 1 February 2014

China medical news for Saturday 1 February

Light news day today as most Chinese are no doubt at home enjoying (or enduring) the New Year with family...

Ambulances must not refuse penniless patients
The Global Times reports that ambulance and first-aid teams will be forced to treat patients regardless of whether they can pay. A new regulation on management of emergency medical services was adopted by the National Health and Family Planning Commission which bans emergency services from refusing or delaying treatment because the patients cannot pay. The new rules also prohibit ambulances being used for purposes other than offering emergency medical service.

Indemnity insurance to be mandatory
The Chinese government is also said to be planning a move to make medical indemnity insurance compulsory for all doctors. The head of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, said one goal this year would be to promote compulsory medical liability insurance, with medical institutions and doctors required to purchase such cover. This would ensure that victims of medical malpractice can be assured of compensation, thus stamping out violence in medical establishments.

Say no to cigs
Health groups in China have urged people not to give cigarettes as gifts this New Year and to refuse them if offered. Groups including the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Chinese Medical Association made the plea just prior to the arrival of the Year of the Horse, according to CRI.

H7N9 explained
In the New Scientist Debra McKenzie explains the background to the H7N9 avian influenza virus outbreaks at a molecular as well as epidemiological level. She also provides some ideas of what the solution to possible pandemics might be.

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