Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Tibetan fairy tale in Beijing: woman has stroke but has no family to pay medical fees

There was a happy ending for a 19-year old Tibetan woman called Dorje Tso who had a stroke while living in Beijing. The woman was taken into the Xuanwu hospital over Chinese New Year by friends when she showed signs of a severe stroke, which is unusual at that age. Doctors did a CT scan and diagnosed an embolism that required immediate treatment. However, the young woman had no money and no family with her to assent to the treatment while she was in a coma. Doctors tried calling her family in Qinghai but her parents were unable to speak Mandarin, only Tibetan. With only a four hour treatment window, they then desperately tried calling her sister who was in Shenzhen. However, the sister believed the call was a hoax and did not believe the request for medical fees was genuine, but a scam. One of the surgeons then took pictures of the Tibetan patient in the hospital with his mobile phone and texted them as a phone message to the daughter, who eventually agreed to her sister having treatment. Neurosurgeons then operated on Dorje and were able to remove the embolism, after which she made a good recovery.  One of the doctors involved  in the operation told the story on WeChat and it created great interest. One netizen was so moved by the story that he offered several thousand yuan to pay Dorje's medical bills.

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