Monday, 6 January 2014

Wuhan pollution causing cancer in children, says oncologist

by Michael Woodhead
The increasingly severe pollution and smog in Wuhan is having "terrible consequences" for  the health of local people, a cancer specialist has to the Wuhan political consultative conference.
Dr Liu Li of the Xiehe Hospital Cancer Centre told the Wuhan conference that cancer rates in the city had increased in the last 10 years and tumours were now being seen at a much younger age.
Dr Liu said the number of beds at the hospitals cancer centre has doubled to more than 1000 in the last decade, but they were still at 100% occupancy. He said the incidence and mortality of cancer in Wuhan were without precedent, and it was shocking to see infants presenting with tumours.
To see an infant needing chemotherapy can only make you cry" he told the conference.
Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer we see and the contributory factors are complex, but air pollutio is no doubt theimportant  'assasin'," he said.
According to the Hubei Daily, Dr Liu called on environmental protection department to take urgent action to address the smog problem. One example is the common practice of burning rubbish, he said, which causes large amounts of ash and hazardous particles to be released into the air.
"Air pollution is now a critical threat to population health in Wuhan, he said.

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