Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Today's China medical links

An inside look at a Guizhou hospital 
What's it really like getting treatment at a Chinese hospital? How much does it cost, how do patients pay and what happens when you run out of money? Ashish Jha, an associate professor of health policy and management, Harvard School of Public Health, has a great blog post at KevinMD on the nitty gritty of patient care. How do pateints get seen? How doctors manage patients (much more conservatively and slowly) - all based on a visit to the Huaxi District People’s Hospital in Guiyang.

Blood supplies drying up
In the China Daily, blood donations in Beijing have been falling slightly for three consecutive years, and legislation is needed to ensure supplies, according to Ge Hongwei, director of the testing department of the Beijing Red Cross Blood Center. She says the amount of blood used has been increasing by about 15 percent annually in China, widening the gap between supply and demand.

Get me out of here!
A British traveller, Sammy Corfield, blogs about his nightmare experience with various hospitals and doctors  in Zhejiang, when he went seeking treatment for chronic diarrhoea.

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