Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tiantan hepatitis B vaccine maker bosses resign

The makers of one of China's hepatitis B vaccines has seen several of its top executives resign in the wake of the recent spate of deaths of babies who received hepatitis vaccinations. However, the resignations are from the Tiantan Biological company, whose vaccine has been linked to few if any of the recent reports of deaths of newborns after receiving hepatitis B vaccine. The 12 deaths reported so far have mostly been linked to the rival Shenzehn Bio-Kangtai vaccine.
Caixin reports that several board members of Tiantan have offered their resignations, apparebtly becaus the recent investigations into manufacturing processes at vaccine makers have exposed sub-standard practices, especially in relation to meeting GMP requirements. The board members of Tiantan include the financial manager and auditors. The lack of GMP certification meant the company was unable to expand its production and thus has been unable to meet the shortfall created by the ban on use of BioKangtai vaccine, which  accounted for about a quarter of the market.

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