Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tianjin to implement autism early diagnosis program

Tianjin is to implement an autism early diagnosis program in collaboration with Australian researchers.
The program is based on a set of markers that can help diagnose the condition in children below the age of two. Dr Josephine Barbaro from La Trobe University has developed a new screening tool that uses recognised early markers of autism spectrum disorder to identify the condition.
"We designed a program called the social attention and communication surveillence study and we trained maternal and child health nurses to monitor these very early markers in very young children, from one to two years of age."
The government of Tianjin has agreed to use the program over the next seven years for every child born in the city.
"These sample sizes that we can have for research are huge so it's fantastic for research," Dr Barbaro said, adding that there are about 100,000 babies born every year.
"It's also fantastic... for family so that we can actually work together with families and try and identify children early. And so we can begin early intervention."
Source: ABC Asia Pacific

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