Monday, 6 January 2014

Shandong's "Doctor QQ" dispenses online remedies for the housebound

In Shandong's Jinan city, Dr Li Lihua is encouraging his housebound patients to consult him first on QQ before trying to go to hospital. In October 2013, Dr Li set up his own doctor-patient commnity on the social media site QQ and now has 60 patients on his 'list'.
He encourages them to consult with him online for minor ailments and he says the QQ service offers them attention and confidentiality. The doctor in charge of the Shanxi Lu health station says this way he can help people avoid going to hospital and if they need to go to the hospital he can refer them to the most appropriate department and doctor.
One example was a web friend who asked about toothache - Dr Li tells him which antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications to take, to avoid hot and spicy foods and to drink plenty of fluid.
According to the Qilu Evening News, Dr Li says this helps him to keep in contact with patients who otherwise would not get to see a doctor.

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