Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sexual re-orientation clinics in China: AFP has the story

Sexual re-orientation clinics to convert gay people back into heterosexuals are doing booming business in China, according to an article by AFP from Beijing (no byline) .
The clinics use electric shock therapy on men while watching gay porn to try 'program' them against being gay. Sounds like the plot of the Tom Sharpe novel Indecent Exposure.
The article says 'conversion therapy' is a lucrative industry in China, with at least five clinics claiming to offer “sexuality adjustment” through various means, including hypnosis, drugs and electric shock therapy. One of them is the Haiming Psychological Consulting Centre in Beijing which offers electric shock treatment -- in 30-minute sessions every few days. Other clinics are reported to offer less severe 'treatments' for homosexuality such as counselling and antidepressants, claiming that homosexuality is changeable in people for whom it was not “innate”. One gay man who went to a clinic under pressure from his father said he was told to wrap an elastic band around his hand and hurt himself if he fantasised about gay sex.
The article adds that such clinics are now being opposed by LGBT groups in China, who say they “deeply damage homosexuals’ physical and mental health, and worse infringe on their self-respect”.

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