Sunday, 5 January 2014

Relatives and netizens sceptical of hepatitis B vaccine verdict

The father of one of the infants who died after receiving hepatitis B vaccine has rejected the findings of an official investigation that found no link between vaccine and the deaths.
According to Radio Free Asia, Yang Wenlong of Shanxi  said the official account clearing the vaccine of any role in the babies' deaths was groundless.
"They are talking absolute rubbish, and no one in China will believe it unless they are idiots," Yang said.
"I for one don't believe their results."
Mr Yang said the official verdict had been criticized by Chinese netizens on social media sites such as QQ. Many citizens were sceptical of the government following a series of product safety and public health scandals in recent years."I think they are afraid of affecting people's uptake of the vaccine."
"But I think that what they've done here will have the opposite effect to the one they intended."

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