Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Medical stories from the Chinese media: girl dies after infusion to treat common cold

A four year old girl died at a hospital in Anshan, Liaoning after receiving an IV tonic infusion as treatment for a cold. The parents of the girl took her to the Angang Group Main Hospital when she had a cold. She received an IV infusion but started to gasp and feel short of breath and asked to have the drip removed. When the parents asked the doctor to do this he refused and said it was too much trouble and the girl should just try to sleep. The article says the patrents saw their daughter struggling for half an hour and begged the doctor to remove the infusion line, but he refused. The girl then lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
A spokesman for the hospital said everything was done to try save the child, but treatment was unsuccessful, and staff had not done anything wrong. He said an investigation was underway and would have to wait until results of the autopsy and tests on the drug infusion were available.
The article is published at Qianzhan.com

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