Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Medical stories from the Chinese language press: H7N9 in Guangzhou

The Guangzhou Daily has a story about a local patient who developed H7N9 influenza, and how the family's ability to pay (or not) has influenced his treatment. A teacher called Pan has been hospitalised at the Nanfang Hospital after developing severe respiratory disease. The paper reports that Mr Pan and his wife ran a tofu staff  in the Tianhe distrcit, and their stal was next door to a stall that sold live poultry, where they presume the H7N9 infection originated. Mr Pan's family say they took him to several hospitals in the days leading up to the 9th of January, but none suspected that he had H7N9 or tested him for it.
A spokesman for the health dept said hospitals can't test for H7N9 in every patient who presents with respiratory symptoms, and only suspect the infection if a person has close contact with poultry. The hospital said Mr Pan was now receiving the best treatment and was now out of danger. However, his family said they were having to spend 10,000 yuan a day on his treatment. The paper says the government has set up a 3 million yuan fund to pay for treatment of patients who have H7N9 infection.

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