Friday, 3 January 2014

Medical news in China's media

HIV is one of several conditions newly listed as occupational diseases for police and  medical workers, meaning that those who develop the illness will be eligible for work-related injury insurance reimbursement. Other new conditions covered are leukasmus, blast exposure hearing damage, and ocular burns (such as to the cornea, lens of the eye or retina) caused by laser light and frostbite, according to Women of China.

The city of Lanzhou in Gansu has adopted tough new anti-smoking measures in public places. New legislation specifies "non-smoking" indoor areas, including medical institutions, schools, government office buildings, public dining places, and public transport carriers. Smokers, face fines from 50 to 200 yuan, according to the Peoples Daily.

Police in Henan broke up a fake medicine production ring that placed fake-drug ads on the radio and the internet and used bogus medical experts to talk with patients.According to CRI the fake drug operation had earned the fraudsters 300 million yuan

And in the China Daily, psychiatrists are reported to be looking at links between China's terrible smog problems and mental health. Clinicians say studies are needed on the negative impact of smoggy days on anxiety and depression due to lack of sunlight and production of the hormone melatonin.

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