Thursday, 2 January 2014

Medical news from China's media

In the China Daily, womens' hospitals says they are being inundated with inquiries from women about having a second child following the amendment to the family planning policy in early November. One hospital, the Women's Hospital of Zhejiang University's School of Medicine has opened a consultation clinic for women considering a second child.

Xinhua reports that two more babies have died after receiving hepatitis B vaccinations, this time in Shandong province. However, the report does not say which brand of vaccine the cases are related to, even though the Shenzhen Bio Kangtai vaccine has been withdrawn.
According to the provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention they have also received a report of a baby that died in October after a hepatitis B vaccination.
At least twelve infants are reported to have died in China after receiving vaccines against Hepatitis B.

The People's Daily has a report on gay college students being targeted for HIV prevention measures, as the number of cases in young gay men in China is increasing dramatically. The article says that in
Guangzhou there have been 117 cases of HIV in 48 colleges or universities, according to  the Guangzhou Disease Prevention and Control Center. Ninety percent were infected via homosexual behavior, with high risk sexual activities being common. Students are being targeted for safe sex behaviour campaigns and also for HIV testing.

CRI reports that a tourist from mainland China has brought H7N9 influenza into Taiwan.
Disease control authorities said an 86-year old  tourist from Jiangsu was confirmed with H7N9 avian influenza. The man showed first symptoms on December 19 and has been hospitalized since Dec 24.
This is Taiwan's second case of H7N9, the first imported case  occurred in April this year.

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