Thursday, 23 January 2014

Medical headlines: Violence against doctors in Xian | Family doctors unpopular | New Year depression

Violent attack at Xian hospital injures five staff
Five doctors and nurses have been injured and a Xian hospital severely damaged in an attack by irate relatives of a patient who died, Xinhua reports.
More than 20 people with iron bars burst into the fourth floor of the Xi'an Municipal Central Hospital to assault medical staff and causing damage including smashed windows and breaking furniture and fittings.
The violent incident was probably the result of a dispute between the hospital and relatives of a patient with meningitis who died in the hospital earlier. The doctor treating the patient is reported to be severely injured, and other medical staff members suffered bruises. Police are investigating the incident.

Family doctor system proves unpopular in Shanghai
The pilot family doctor system in Shanghai offers patients more contact with doctors for everyday illness, but many are reluctant to use the service, the Global Times reports. In a long article the Times says the new system is popular with older people with chronic diseases but is being bypassed by younger people with acute illness who want immediate access to a hospital and all its expertise. Doctors working as family practitioners also say they are losing heir skills by being away form the hospital environment.

New year blues
Many Chinese people are suffering from a malaise of lethargy and depression around the Chinese New Year period, the Global Times reports. Psychiatrists say it is quite common for Chinese to experience "year-end syndrome" when they feel tired, anxious and socially withdrawn. The condition is partly psychosomatic and may be worsened by the stress of returning home and the dark days of winter, doctors say.

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