Monday, 6 January 2014

Jealous Beijing female doctor arrested for bomb scare to prevent boyfriend's Australian holiday

by Michael Woodhead
A female doctor who is Haidian district's director of disease prevention has been arrested for causing a bomb scare at Beijing airport in an attempt to stop her boyfriend from travelling to Australia with other women.
The doctor named as Yang Liu became jealous of her boyfriend of two years as he was a well known tour guide and she suspected he was having affairs with women in the tour groups he accompanied on trips away from Beijing.
According to a report in the China Times, in late September of 2013 Dr Yang became suspicious when her boyfriend told her he was leading a group to Australia which included several women. She drew up a plan to stop his trip, by phoning in a fake bomb scare message to Beijing airport. She played a recorded message announcing a bomb was on the Beijing to Shanghai plane that her boyfriend was due to be travelling on.
This led to a major security operation at the airport, where her boyfriend was due to take a flight to Australia via Shanghai.
After security forces at the airport were mobilised, the bomb scare was found to be a false alarm.
One month on, the Public Security Bureau had tracked down Dr Yang and arrested her. This week her case was heard at the Beijing Fangshan district court, where her trial on anti-terrorism charges will take place. Prosecutors allege her actions caused huge disruption at the airport and significant economic losses.
Dr Yang is said to have graduated in 2009 and had been  known as a hard working and much respected clinician at the Haidian district health department.

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