Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hospitals warned of disciplinary action for illegal organ transplants

translated by Michael Woodhead
All hospitals in China that do organ transplantation must follow new ethical guidelines or face being banned from doing transplants and losing their funding, a senior official has warned.
Hospitals will also be banned from making arrangements with courts to accept organs from executed prisoners.
Dr Huang Jiefu, director of the the National Health and Family Planning Commission Committee on Human Organ Transplant Clinical Application Management, said all 169 transplant centres will have to take part in a new organ donation supervision and inspection system that will ensure that the system for transplants is fair, open and ethical.
Speaking at China's annual meeting of organ transplantation specialists at Shanghai Jiaotong University, he said any hospital and any practitioner that does not adhere to the voluntary donation system and the shared organ program after the death of a patient will have their authority to do transplants revoked and also have funding removed.
Dr Huang said all hospitals must take part in the new computerised organ sharing database set up by the former Ministry of Health and the Red Cross Society. All organ transplants must be done according to the principles of the new system, which are based on clinical need and priority rather than financial payment, he said. Priority categories for organ donation should be  region, condition , age, wait time and meeting screening requirements.
The new system also means that hospitals must sever all links with law courts to procure organs from executed prisoners, he added.
The new human organ donation regulations " strictly prohibit hospitals and transplant organs and the courts to have a direct link to use organs, and all organs sources should be traceable," said Dr Huang
With the support of the State Council , the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Red Cross Society of China will jointly set up an Organ Donation and Transplantation Management Committee.

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