Thursday, 30 January 2014

Health ministry outlines penalties for doctors who accept bribes or kickbacks

translated by Michael Woodhead
Doctors and healthcare staff who accept bribes or kickbacks may receive anything from a warning to being fired, depending on the severity of the offence, according to draft regulations released this week by the National Health and Family Planing Commission.
The draft rules cover the acceptance by staff of bribes such as 'red envelopes' for preferetial treatment. They also apply to medical staff who accept any free or discounted goods such as drugs, medical devices or equipment from suppliers. The regulations cover activities such as accepting unauthorised commissions, kickbacks or rebates from suppliers.
For any medical personnel found to be accepting bribes or kickbacks the penalties include expulsion from the workplace and loss of licence to practice. Other sanctions include demotion, warnings and 'demerits', the NHFPC plan says.
The draft regulations have been circulated to all local health and family planning work units, to medical institutions, hospitals and medical education units. Feedback will be accepted by the NHFPC until 8 March.

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