Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hainan hospital pays doctors based on patient feedback

by Michael Woodhead
At the Renmin Hospital in Hainan's Baoting district, doctors dare not displease the patient because their pay depends on having 'satisfied customers'.  Their pay is linked to ratings given by patients on a 24-item service questionnaire. Items reviewed include the bedside manner of doctors, nurses being on duty and available in the clinic and the standard of cleanliness on the ward etc.
In the admin block of the hospital these appraisal forms are in a huge pile, and divided into 26 clinical departments.
The idea came from a partnership with a Shandong hospital whose staff wanted to think of a way to improve service quality. They come up with the idea of having anonymous questionnaires filled in by all patients. The results of the forms are compiled for each department o a monthly basis, giving administrators a clearer idea of areas where service is rated as good fair or unsatisfactory.
Last year the surgical department, for exampe, scored 100% for its service levels, thus ensuring that staff got all 100% of their bonus pay. The paeiatrics department scored 94%, meaning that staff lost 6% of their pay.
Before the scheme, some staff were fairly lukewarm in the way they welcomed and dealt with pateints. Now they are much more careful and give more attention, in the knowledge that their income depends on giving a good impression, a hospital manager says.
Staff are now seen to be smiling and take the initiative, and they speak to pateints more to explain things, he says.
This new system encourages staff to make improvements and has revolutionised the staff approach to patients. In this way, for example, the satisfaction levels in one child clinic increased from 78% to 98% in just over a year.
Source: Haikou News

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