Friday, 10 January 2014

Doctors and hospitals ordered to forfeit bribes paid by insulin manufacturer Ganli Pharmaceuticals

Doctors and hospitals in Hubei have been ordered to forfeit and repay millions of dollars in bribes they received from insulin maker Beijing Ganli Pharmaceuticals.
The provincial Health Deaprtment and Law Courts have orederd doctors to repay monies paid  by the insulin maker following a police investigation that saw seven executives charged with corruption.
In September, Beijing Ganli, which makes third generation insulins, was embroiled in a major corruption scandal involving bribes to doctors and hospitals exceeding 300 million yuan.
According to 21st Century magazine, the case has been classed as a major economic crime by provincial authorities, and those who received bribes have been ordered to forfeit the money. According to the magazine, the bribes were not confined to Wuhan but included doctors and hospitals in other cities of the province.

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