Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chinese medical research ... from the journals

A text messaging scheme that sent lifestyle reminders to overweight adults in Beijing was effective in helping them lose weight. In a six months trial the texting service helped participants lose an average of 1.6kg and also reduced waist circumference, body fat and lowered their blood pressure by almost 2mmHg. The findings are published in Obesity.

Three out of every 10 Chinese children develop asthma, a major survey has found. A survey of almost 464,000 children found that the incidence of asthma was 3% overall, and slightly higher in males than in females. The highest rates were seen in preschool children (3-5 years old) and in East China. More than 60% of children with asthma had an attack in the previous year  and went to hospital for emergency treatment. Bronchodilators were used by 71% of asthmatic children while 59% used an inhaled corticosteroid and 75% used antibiotic, according to the study by the National Cooperative Group of Childhood Asthma.

Dengue fever is on the increase in China and the risk is rising in line with temperatures, a study from Guangdong has found. Researchers at the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that the rate of dengue fever had increased from 0.33 per 100 000 people in 2007 to 1.34 per 100,000 in 2012. The risk of disease increased with rises in temperature, humidity and wind, researchers report in Biomedical and Environmental Sciences.

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