Saturday, 18 January 2014

China medical education gets internships | Saving for medical bills | Women have hysterectomies for profit

 China will set up a standardised internship training program in 2015 for medical graduates before they become qualified to be doctors, according to the National Health and Family Planning Commission. Officials said China does not currently have a national standard for training, and training to become resident doctors depends on the hospitals where they are employed, leading to differential medical levels across regions. The new standardised "5 + 3" year training system will ensure that graduates get experience in several branches of clinical medicine before getting a full licence to practice medicine. According to the Global Times, the training bases will first be set up in top level hospitals and some lower level hospitals based on the local situation. They will be subsidized by the governments and central finance.
One of the main reasons why Chinese people save so much is to prepare to pay for future medical bills, a report says. In China, 64% of people surveyed were actively saving for health issues, according to ECNS. Savings rates for health were higher in China compared to other countries surveyed, and Chinese people used diversified strategies in saving for health issues, with local currency, whole life insurance and pure term life insurance among the choices.

And in Taiwan it is claimed that  many of the 20,000 women who have a hysterectomy each year do so to gain thousands of dollars in infertility compensation from the Labor Insurance Fund.
According to the China Post, researchers said Taiwan had the largest percentage of “womb-less women”and this might be due to the lure of  infertility benefits amounting to more than NT$100,000for women under 45 who have a hysterectomy.

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