Thursday, 16 January 2014

Beijing to extend family doctor enrolment scheme

So long as they have a health card and access to a computer, most Beijing residents will this year be able to enrol with a family doctor to get easier access to healthcare. The family doctor scheme that is currently operating in areas such as Fangzhuang and Desheng will be extended to cover most districts of Beijing in the next year according to the local department of health. At present the scheme covers 4 million households and almost 9 million people, according to the Legal Evening News (Fazhi Wanbao).
Under the scheme, residents must sign a contract with the 'health team' at their local community clinic and register with a specific doctor to receive regular appointments. This ensures continuity of care and guaranteed access to the doctor via an appointment system. The advantage of the scheme for patients is that they do not need to go to a large hospital and face long waits to register and bee seen in the outpatient clinics.
According to the health department, the scheme is now extensively used by residents in the initial areas, and the average income for doctors in the scheme is around 80,000RMB, about half the income of doctors working in the tertiary hospital.

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