Thursday, 2 January 2014

Beijing police bust fake drug, fake hospital and fake doctor gang

Authorities in Beijing have busted a Hubei gang that created a fake hospital and posed as doctors to sell counterfeit medicines.
Police have arrested five people and seized 6 million RMB in takings from an operation that sold fake drugs online from a website that purported to represent a fictitious diabetes hospital operated by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.
According to a report in the Peoples Daily, authorities were tipped off by a member of the public who spent 700 RMB on diabetes medications on the advice of 'doctors' from the Beijing Diabetes Hospital, which gave an address in the Miyun district of the city. The medications were advertised as being effective for diabetes and offered a money back guarantee if not effective. When the complainant found the medicines were useless he sought a refund but was refused, and he was unable to trace the 'hospital'.
When notified, the PSB assigned its food and drug investigation unit to the matter, and a painstaking two month investigation began, involving enquiries in locations across the country including Shenhzhen and Chengdu. The investigation eventually tracked the offenders down to the Shijingshan district of Beijing, and five suspects were apprehended.
The suspects are all from Hubei, from where it appears they obtained the raw materials. They then prepared the fake pills in Beijing and set up a bogus hospital website to sell them across China.
Since it was set up in 2011, the PSB food and drug investigation unit has smashed 1400 fake drug operations and recovered more than 600 million RMB in illegal earnings from counterfeit and fake drugs.

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