Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Beijing maternity hospitals add more beds in anticipation of two child families

The city of Beijing has announced that it will add more maternity beds to get ready for its new birth policy, the municipal health bureau reported on Dec 29.
That new policy allows couples to have two children, and is expected to lead to an increasing in the number of expectant mothers in the near future, so, the city is looking for ways to deal with a possible baby boom, in 2014.
The bureau explained that the city has 127 obstetrics hospitals or institutions with 4,466 beds in all, 13 top ones, with 135 beds, and 73 second-tier, with 2,853 beds. The top-level hospitals with better medical services are always crowded, while the rest are less so.
In addition to more maternity beds, there will be more emergency equipment in hospitals, and various types of training to improve emergency-room responses and keep risks at a minimum.
Source: Beijing Daily

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