Monday, 13 January 2014

Beijing female doctor jailed for 6 months for bomb scare attempt to stop boyfriend flying with other women

Dr Yang Liu, the head of the health protection department for Beijing's Haidian district has been jailed for 6 months for staging a fake bomb alert at Beijing Capital airport in September. A Beijing court heard that Dr Yang acted out of jealousy against her boyfriend, who was a tour guide who often went away on trips with tour groups.
When her boyfriend told Dr Yang  he was taking a group to Australia, Dr Yang became suspicious and believed he would be travelling with a mistress. Her suspicions grew when she was unable to contact her boyfriend by phone after he left. She then hatched a scheme to make him miss his connecting flight to Australia by delaying his flight from Beijing to Shanghai, where he would board the plane for Australia.
According to Xinhua, She phoned in a recorded message that announced there was a bomb on the Beijing to Shanghai flight. The message caused a major security alert at Beijing airport including mobilisation of 16 police cars, 4 police trucks and a 64-strong SWAT team.
The security alert caused major disruption at the airport and large economic losses.
Dr Yang was arrested a short time afterwards and when she was brought to court she hid her face and cried, looking very depressed. She confessed her guilt and asked for leniency, saying she had not realised how much trouble her scheme would cause. She said she was very remorseful and asked to be given a second chance. the court sentenced her to the standard six month jail sentence for staging a fake terrorist activity.

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